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A group to connect with Dads and Kids. The focus is outdoors and adventurous – think exploration, outdoor play, cooking over a fire, and great coffee!

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Dadventure Online

During COVID-19 we will still be running Dadventure, online.  Videos will be posted on our YouTube channel, and on this page here.  We hope you still set aside and enjoy some time with your kids and enjoy making or exploring with them! 

Making Bows and Arrows

Whether you are going outdoors for a little recreational walk in the woods, or maybe you have some good long sticks available in your garden, this is a really fun one to try with the kids!  Can you make some fancy feathers/ vanes or arrow heads?  How about a cool target to shoot at? 

Nature Bingo

This is easy to do whether you are looking out of the window, walking outdoors in the garden, or off for a quick walk around a park.  Below are some links to get you started, or how about making your own bingo sheet, using pictures from books or google, or your kids' own imagination as inspiration! 

Camping Out at Home

You could camp outdoors in your garden, your terrace, your living room, or bedroom for as long or short as you like, but maybe you can combine it with some easy to cook food, or some torches, stories and sleeping bags?  What will their den or tent look like? 

Model Making with Clay (harvested from nature!)

If you need some help finding a suitable place to get your clay, you can take a look at this link (which is mentioned in the video):  How about painting the models or pots afterwards with some bright colours?

Growing plants (from Supermarket bought fruit and veg!) 

Buying fresh vegetables and fruit but still throwing away the bits you don't eat?  In this video you will learn how to take the seeds you'd otherwise throw away, from common vegetables like Bell Peppers, Squashes, Lemons, Chillies, Apples and many others, and turn them in to plants that will feed you fruit and vegetables for many months to come - and the kids love the process of watching the plants grow too!  It's simple to do and you probably have most of the things you need already in your home. 

Wild Swimming 

Have you ever come across a stream and thought "ooooh, its a hot day, why not just jump in?", well... that's exactly what happened in this episode of Dadventure!  Enjoy!