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In July 2023, as a church we spent a couple of weeks looking into subject of refugees. Our curate, Rich Merrick, delivered a two-part talk series at the 11AM called 'Sojourners', giving an overview of what the Bible has to say about the subject and what action we are called to take (you can check it out on the church podcast here).

We've pulled together some resources that might help us think through this overwhelming global issue, and provide space to pray and to listen for what God is leading us to do in this area. Please use whichever of the resources suits you best to engage with this topic!

1) Why not take a week to follow the bible study attached here: Sanctuary-Bible-Study_FINAL_REVISED.pdf


2) Watch the film The Swimmers (it's on Netflix). It brings to life the reality of being a refugee.

3) Read 'Re-imagining Britain' by Justin Welby. The book has a couple of great chapters on refugees, and you can find it here.

4) Read up on some of the facts and stats on immigration and refugees from sources that try to avoid bias such as or

5) See what other churches are doing for communities of local refugees

We really believe God will be speaking to us this week about this and would love to hear your thoughts. Please send any ideas, reflections or thoughts that you may have to